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Le Chan Restaurants, found in the capital city of Hanoi, is excited to share signature Hai Phong cuisine. The chain takes its name from a famous female general who fought under the Trưng sisters and their rise to power against the Chinese rule in 40 AD. Le Chan’s priority is to provide original tastes of Hai Phong whilst preserving traditions and contributing to an ever-growing love and appreciation for the delicious cuisine.

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Bánh đa cua – Hai Phong Crab Noodles.

Ingredients: Crab, fish cake, prawn, pork, piper lolot, noodles

A traditional Hai Phong dish made from natural crab, fresh during preparation. Fresh noodles are transported directly from Hai Phong city. The Vegetables balanced with the prawn and pork provide a variety of nutritional goodness. A perfect sign that the prawns used are fresh is that Le Chan is able to keep the heads, something only possible with fresh prawns. The broth is created using the lower backbone stock of the pig (the best part for flavor) which is left to stew for 6 hours and then crab soup is added. This dish is a best seller and a favorite with our customers

Bún tôm – Prawn Noodles.

Ingredients: Prawn, fish cake, pork, piper lolot, black fungus, shiitaki mushroom

A dish Le Chan is very proud to offer. The unique preparation can’t be found anywhere else anymore. 20 years ago one could find the same tastes created by Le Chan but nowadays it is simply too expensive for most places to prepare. The head and leg of the prawn is mashed by hand to get the juices which are drained into the bone stock broth. The fishcake must also be prepared by hand with the back of the knife. No machines are used so that it becomes extra juicy. This requires very high energy work carried out by our extremely hard-working staff.

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The chả lá lốt (piper lolot) uses special local leaves rolled with fresh quality meat inside, mixed with herbs and tasty mushrooms. This dish has a great balance of proteins and carbohydrates.

Fresh Tamarind juice, rich in vitamin c can then be added by the customer with special chili only found in Hai Phong.

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Bánh Mỳ Cay– Hai Phong Spicy Bread with Pork Pate

Cooked at a careful temperature of 185degrees and perfect timing to ensure the best tastes and texture for the customer. The special spicy sauce is the signature of this dish, unique to Hai Phong.

Bánh Bèo – Steamed Rice Flour Cake

Ingredients: Rice flour, pork meat, black fungus, shiitaki-mushroom.

Steamed savory rice flour cake is served with a special sauce with added juice from the meat and bone stock, Hai Phong fish sauce and natural brown sugar. There are no chemicals or MSG.

This dish has a special fried onion ingredient, cooked with oil that is never reused to ensure freshness. Usually, humidity can effect fried onions but thanks to the special skills of our chefs, Le Chan’s fried onion is always crunchy. The tops and bottoms of the onions are chopped off and used in other dishes. Just the biggest, middle part results in the best looking rings. Fried onion is also mixed with the pork bone stock to make the high quality special sauce.

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The Banana-leaf, on which the Bánh Bèo is served, is prepared meticulously. It is cut in to one shape, rinsed and cleaned and then dipped and boiled.

Bánh Bèo from Hai Phong must be eaten with chili powder, a signature way of the region different to other provinces.  Delicious smells are created by the mushroom and sauce and a variety of tastes come from the sourness of the kumquat, the saltiness of the sauce, and the sweetness of the pork stock. Overall a dish is created with nutritional balance for a true culinary experience.

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“I cook for my Family”

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